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Training Details

This six-hour intensive is a successful and guaranteed training process. Discover what a communication expert learned over 18 years of helping people grow and succeed in life. The Three Minute Window © and The 30 Second Laser © are researched and perfected methods of first class communication skills. They are guaranteed to help advance your career and personal goals or your money back!

In this Communication Training Program you will learn:
  • How to find the verbal best in your speaking skills
  • How to organize and present an impactful brief speech
  • How to overcome nervousness when you speak
  • How to be both brief and powerful in your presentations
  • How to use non-verbal body language
  • How to write your introduction

  • A full writen assessment of your speaking skills by a communication expert
  • A free folder of "Speaking Tips and Clues©"
  • A complimentary full service gourmet lunch
  • A free Speaker Boot Camp tag
Workshop Outline
The Successful Speaker Boot Camp Training (SSBCT) is divided into four training sections. Each section builds upon the previous one. It is important you bring your current presentation or introductory speech which will be at the heart of your new, more skilled and powerful brief speech. The training is designed to offer each speaker quality time in a supportive and non-critical environment.
  • Section One: Finding the verbal and non-verbal strengths in your current presentation or introductory speech.

  • Section Two: Reframing your speech to emphasize the best language, create more impact, and find the memorable "tag-line" or essence of your speech.

  • Section Three: Presentation and refinement of your new speech, including non-verbal skill building.
Gourmet, full service lunch of fresh salmon filet
  • Section Four: The introduction and presentation of your final speech. Golden Boot Award.