Why Red Shoes?

Ta-Da! International grew through red shoes. I named the first fundraiser The Red Shoes Luncheon because the very idea of wearing red shoes made me want to live again.

Early in May of 2000, four months after my daughter Moira Ann died, a dear friend called and asked to take me out to lunch for my birthday. I was depressed, I was angry; I was not feeling at all sociable. I said, “No, the idea is too painful”. She called a few days later and tried again. I again declined. Meanwhile another friend of many years called and invited me out for my birthday too. I told her I just couldn’t handle anything that hinted of celebration. A few days after that yet another friend called and suggested the same thing. Exasperated I blurted out, “OK, OK, as long as we wear red shoes!” At first my friend hesitated, then she laughed and it was magical, just like Dorothy clicking her heels three times, I laughed too. I suddenly felt alive and ready to be with friends again.

I learned later my friends felt energized just thinking about red shoes and we all ran out and shopped for them. By the time my birthday luncheon came around 23 wonderful women dressed in fabulous red shoes joined me and the first Red Shoes Luncheon was born. Ta-Da!