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Velva giving a speach I have transformed my eighteen years of clinical expertise, a strong personal knowledge base, my life experiences, and my observations on the human condition into compelling and intriguing speeches. As a former photojournalist, I appreciate visuals and salient, descriptive words. All my speeches are personalized for the occasion and can be expanded upon or trimmed depending on the time frame … and they are always informative, animated, and FUN.

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The need and desire to connect fully as human beings is constantly being thwarted by the discomfort of self-exposure. In addition, as a culture, we have been scripted to act unconsciously to distance ourselves from invitations to deeper levels of communication. Unfortunately, we have been conditioned to respond on a shallow or colorless level to ALL communication forgetting that like the colors of the spectrum there are many shadings and hues of communication we can learn, master, and use in our everyday encounters with others.

Once the five levels of communication are understood and mastered, it becomes amazingly clear where we stand with others in our life. It helps us solve the mysteries of complex relationships explaining those periods of emptiness and lack of connection many of us often feel. Meta-communication guides us to what we need to risk and give to those important in our world, especially children.

Meta-communication is the optimum level of communication. It is the ability to share fully who you are with another human being. It is the ability to move beyond cliché conversation, through the mire of gossip and story telling, and up into whom you truly are. It is to risk and reveal your ideas, your opinions, your feelings, your emotions and your deepest truth. That optimum level of communication is not only meta-communication ... it's total freedom.

Meta-communication workshops and presentations can be broken down into a wide range of segments and applications. We all talk. How we talk and with whom can have a tremendous impact on the quality of our lives. Each workshop and/or presentation can be customized to any organization's needs or time frame.

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  DreamWork: The Dream belongs to the
The Dream belongs to the Dreamer is a highly interactive all day workshop that will introduce participants to the DreamWork method of Subjective Symbol Immersion. The workshop is divided into three parts, any one of which can stand alone as an independent workshop. The applied learning process will be accomplished through a unique personal dream application method designed to heighten awareness and self-empower the dreamer.

The first part will teach participants how to remember, understand, befriend, and take possession of their dreams. Part II will consist of dream processing, dream group work, dream partnership, and dream facilitation. In Part III, the process of stepping back and allowing the dreamer to claim and transform his or her dream material combines all the techniques of Parts I and II. This last and most challenging part of The Dream belongs to the Dreamer is also the most empowering.

Due to her mastery of the subject and the methods she has developed, Velva has the ability to breakdown and transform all of the material covered in The Dream belongs to the Dreamer into other forms. In this way, dreamers of all ages and abilities can choose what material interests them and how the material may fit into a certain situation or time frame. Velva has also traveled to other states to train people in how to start dream groups, and she has developed dream material and dream programs for children and teens ages four through 17.

Red Shoes logo   Red Shoes Make the Woman©
Before Dorothy and beyond Marilyn, red shoes have been both an archetype and a universal icon. Red Shoes make the Woman is a fascinating journey in and around the myth that explains why red shoes still capture our imaginations. Magical, adventuresome, provocative, naughty, and hip. Red shoes DO make the woman and …men know it! This stimulating, provocative and hilarious presentation has captivated both men and women from all cultures. Designed as a one-hour presentation, Red Shoes Make the Woman can be transformed into an in-depth workshop on female sexuality. As a bonus, women who show up at the presentation or workshop wearing red shoes get a "Ruby Rouge Red" discount!

In Your Skin Logo   In Your Skin: Becoming More Authentic©
The In Your Skin© Workshop Series consists of four timely personal growth seminars designed to help people deepen their understanding of themselves and be more fully alive in their relationships. The classical relationship between one's inner and outer worlds meet and unite in this very stimulating approach to self-identity. We all know relationships begin with Self, and then we move out into the larger community. The community that, if all goes well, we will fall in love and also find our life's purpose. It is impossible to engage in a fully alive relationship and find your life's purpose without first knowing and accepting your true Self: Warts and all!

The first in the series, In Your Skin will help participants experience self-identity from the inside out. They will begin to find their voice, speak their truth, and conquer their "Inner Critic": one's barrier to the true Self.

In Your Words will help attendees gain power and clarity through understanding, practicing, and mastering Meta-communication. Mastering Meta-communication will help conquer the "Inner Trickster" who sabotages clear communication and sends out a separate, more powerful message to others.

In Your Heart will address how one finds their emotional core. Participants will discover the many barriers to intimacy and one by one, learn how to overcome them. They will learn to be fully available for the right relationship.

In Your Dreams teaches attendees how to apply the energy, wisdom, and insight of a process called Subjective Symbol Immersion. Subjective Symbol Immersion is a method that helps open up dreams and dream symbols. These dreams and dream symbols then become tools to help the dreamer on his or her path to self-actualization.

Velva has invested seventeen years of clinical and training experience into the In Your Skin transformational series. According to one past participant, "Velva heard my concerns and addressed them in a unique and meaningful way." Another former participant stated, "I learned more about myself in one day than I have in four years of therapy. I highly recommend the In Your Skin Series to everyone".




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