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Velva standing in front of glass artist Dale Chihuly's fanciful tree at the Garfield Park Conservatory in Chicago, IL.
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Velva is standing in front of glass
artist Dale Chihuly's fanciful tree at the Garfield Park Conservatory in
Chicago, IL.

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(Please limit your selection to one topic)
Meta-communication and Intimate Relationships
Meta-communication Worksheet for Two (se)
Communication and Hidden Anger
Communication through Actions (se)

DreamWorkDreamwork Logo
(Please limit your selection to one topic)
The Dream belongs to the Dreamer: The guiding principle
Ten Steps to Remembering Your Dreams
Interesting Dream Quotes
Basic Dream Facts

RelationshipsIn Your Skin Logo
(Please limit your selection to one topic)
Barriers to Intimacy
Stages of Relationships
Twenty Good Qualities
Love Among the Ruins

Substance AbuseSubstance Abuse Logo
(Please limit your selection to one topic)
Introduction to the Sobriety Contract
The Acid Test (A self test for alcoholism) (se)
Self-Ranking Differences between Alcoholic and Non-alcoholic ACOAs
Cook County Hospital Report Summary

Red Shoes Make the WomanRed Shoe Logo
This is a little different. I want you to send me something! I'm collecting red shoe stories, pics of red shoes, and any commentary you may have on the subject. Do you agree red shoes make the woman …or not? Let's have some fun with this.

Research Abstracts
The following research abstracts are free. Please limit your request to two abstracts. If upon review you wish to purchase the paper(s) send a check or money order for $10.00 per paper made payable to Successful Speaking and a SASE manila envelope with $1.00 postage on it to: Successful Speaking , 2650 N. Lakeview Ave., Suite 4002A, St. Petersburg, FL 33701-1833, US

Research Abstracts
(Please limit your requests to two abstracts)
When is Enough, Enough: Working with the Active Alcoholics
Emotional Abuse
The Female Alcoholic ACOA: Treatment Implications through Research
Love Among the Ruins
How to Intervene with an Alcoholic in a General Hospital Setting: Cook County Hospital Model
(paper not for sale)
Adult Children of Alcoholics: Situations, Attitudes and Character Traits
The Difference between Alcoholic and Non-alcoholic ACOAs

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